This cotton string is the best choice for knotting macrame designs like Wall Hangers, Plant Hangers, Coasters, Place Mats or wall hangers or Crochet projects like bags, baskets. It is twisted with many strands as single twist which makes it very strong to work with.

This color series are dyed over recycled cotton with cold water dye, eco-friendly choice. Therefore you will feel the softness, luscious side of the cord when you touch it. Our aim is to bring the high quality cotton products.

These cords are super soft and firm twisted to give the softness as well as stronger side.

The strands that are twisted together generates a smooth, soft texture. This cord can be brushed for fringe projects.

Possible ways to use this sturdy cord are;

* Macrame wall hangers, wall hangings
* Hammocks
* Rugs
* Cushions
* Bags
* Tassels
* Many more...


Length: ~140 Meters (*) Approximate length
Weight: ~500 Grams
Width: ~3mm(**)
Material: Recycled Cotton - Cold Water Color Dyed

(*) The length of the cord might vary slightly. Give or take 10% length in meters is accurate as these are produced and winded in the factory directly based on the weight to be 500 grams.
(**) Although the diameter of the cord is produced to be 3mm, some colors may vary in diameter. The diameter is between approximately 3mm depending on colors.

We do not accept any returns or refunds if the cord is cut or the pile is opened.
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester