Eco-Friendly Towels

Our towels are produced in Turkey and our production partner holds a Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate which states our products are not exposed to any harmful substances and chemicals during the weaving, dyeing and drying. (Reference:

As you may know, cotton is one of the dirties crops in the world and most producers use chemicals and substances to make to production process more efficient which is very dangerous for our planet.

Furthermore, many cotton products move around the world multiple times from the first step of their production to the finalization which causes more fuel consumption. Our products are made of Turkish cotton which is produced in Turkey, gets weaved in Turkey and the only trip they make are to our storage in UK and to you as buyers afterwards.

Also there is the sustainability fact of these towels that make them more durable and long lasting. This again helps to be eco-friendly with less need to buy another one more regularly than necessary. But also one of the highest quality in the market with lightweight, sand-free and very soft characteristics.