Welcome to Buluty!

by Ihsan Eren on September 17, 2020

Warmest welcome!

It has been a long time we have been working behind the scenes to be live with Buluty.com and we are finally here! There are many more things to do still but I am happy to have this little website of our own to represent our brand <3


Buluty is a small business that started as a hobby - at least the macrame side :)

After meeting a lot of other like-minded arts and crafts creators, I created and designed more. Which lead to me looking for different types of cords for different projects.

I found many cord producers in and around Europe and as well as using the cords in our projects, I am offering them to other creators so that there is always a cord option in one place for different projects.

My other aim is to share the beautiful side of Turkish Cotton as towels, shawls, throws and blankets for cosy homes at an affordable price. Our collection have all kinds of patterns like diamond, honeycomb, stripe and herringbone.

These Peshtemals are the highest quality textiles you may find on the market - not a regular terry clothe- but soft in touch, lightweight, sustainable and eco-friendly. They are the best travel companions as they are thin but can absorb the water better than regular towels and they also dry very quickly.

We are very excited to bring these 3 together (macrame decors, cords and peshtemals) to serve our purpose of high quality cotton.

Please go ahead and check the store to see for yourself!