Buluty's Chandeliers

by Ihsan Eren on September 18, 2020
Modern Macrame Chandelier

As the macrame side of Buluty has started as a hobby, some icon products are all made for personal use and decoration purposes.

Living in a traditional terraced house, It feels a lot suitable to have the traditional Bohemian taste and feel at home which needs a chandelier or a lampshade. Having a chat with a like-minded local friend in the neighborhood, we took it as a challenge to create a chandelier for our homes. Where she designed a geometrical one, I created this beautiful chandelier with a diamond shape for my living room ceiling.

Creating a new piece is always about thinking how to shape, counting strings, trying to match the symmetry on all patterns. I confess that I undid this many times until I was satisfied with the final version. But I love the outcome! 

How about you? I would love to see some different designs for Chandeliers and compare notes with other makers.

Here is the listing on my shop: Modern Macrame Chandelier

Aaand here is a quick peak on how I tie the knots: